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Farská 41, 949 01 Nitra

History, present and future

Grand Hotel Sole


The hotel is situated at the beginning of the pedestrian zone and it belongs to the important historical monuments of Nitra. The building has almost 140 years and was built in 1887 by businessman František Lakner, which it was named after at first.

It has undergone several changes over time. Few people still remember Hotel Slávia, but the later name Tatra caught on so much among the people of Nitra that they still use it.

At the turn of the millennium, the building went through extensive renovation and after almost 10 years, was re-opened in 2011 as the Best Western Hotel Dituria. The penultimate companion was the Hoffer restaurant chain, which was replaced by the brand new Grand Hotel Sole.


The beautiful Grand Hotel Sole is a four-star hotel right in the center of Nitra. Due to its location, rich 130-year history and architecture, it is one of the most famous hotels in the surrounding area, as well as important historical monuments of the city.

The hotel went through the extensive renovation in 2011, but its original architecture was preserved. Nowadays, visitors are attracted by a captivating entrance area with a glass roof, an open staircase and a massive chandelier.